Tennis bracelets is an incredibly exclusive and classic piece of jewellery. With diamonds mounted along the entire shank, it is a piece of jewellery that really got that wow-factor.This jewellery is a perfect gift for special anniversaries, birthdays or as a morning gift.

Our tennis bracelets are available in several different sizes depending on how big diamonds you wish. The bracelet has a total Carat of 1 TO 5, each diamond has the quality Top Wesselton/VVS-VS casted in 18k gold. Listed below are the different choices.

95 diamonds of 1.3mm (0.010 Carat each), 1.00 Carat in total.

76 diamonds of 1.8 mm (0.026 Carat each), 2.00 Carat in total.

71 diamonds of 2.2 mm (0.042 Carat each), 3.00 Carat in total.

63 diamonds of 2.55 mm (0.063 Carat each), 4.00 Carat in total.

58 diamonds of 2.85 mm (0.086 Carat each) 5.00 Carat in total.

Please note that the Diamond weight is always an average, due to the uniqueness and craftsmanship of each piece.
Please contact us for custom sizes and qualities. Shorter lengths will have lower carat weights and longer will have higher carat weight than those listed.



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