What is the benefit of the SPLASHBAND?

The primary reason for developing such a product is the easy of it. All sanitiser bottles/veils today are cumbersome and increase the touch points in order to access and use it. For Eg. touching your phone or other objects in your bag in order to reach for the sanitizer bottles. Now you need to sanitize everything that you touched!!

What are the Sizes? Which one should I buy for a kid?

SPLASHBANDS are currently a “One Size Fits All” size. Kids and adults can use the same size of the band. SPLASHBANDS are ideally meant to be worn slightly loose so that the sanitizer is dispensed into the palms.

How to fill my SPLASHBAND?

Step 1  Open the cap refill cap of your SPLASHBAND using the lip of the

Step 2  Fill in your favourite brand of liquid?gel based sanitizer and gently shut the refill cap

If filling the cavity with liquid based sanitizer, simply pour the sanitizer directly into the opening until the cavity is full.

If filling with a pump with a smaller spout, bring your SPLASHBAND up to the pump’s spout and pump directly into the opening. Lightly tap your band on a flat surface so that the sanitizer settles in and gradually keep filling the opening until the cavity is full

For gel based sanitizers/Large Mouthed dispensers or pumps 

Simply squeeze the cavity part of the SPLASHBAND and gently release your SPLASHBAND as you slowly refill the sanitizer so that the SPLASHBAND absorbs the product. Tap lightly for gel to settle down and continue this process until the cavity is full. This process helps the Band to suck in the thicker sanitizers.

What kind of product is ideal for my SPLASHBAND?

During this ongoing pandemic we suggest that you use a hand sanitizer that can provide instant hygiene on the go. Both Liquid(thin consistency) and Gel (thicker Consistency sanitizers can be used in the SPLASHBAND

How much does a full refill last/How much can the SPLASHBAND hold?

The SPLASHBAND can hold up to 20ml of sanitizer. How long it lasts depends on frequency and amount of usage. Ideally, 20 ml should easily last an entire day, more in some cases.

What is the Product made of?

The product is made of highest quality food grade silicone & rubber

Does this cause allergic reaction?

If you are allergic to silicone, we do not recommend you using it. However, the quality of the material is of the highest quality food grade silicone used in most kitchen and house hold products.

Can I use my SPLASHBAND for multiple products?

Yes, SPLASHBAND can be used for a variety of products such as Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Moisturiser, Liquid Soap and more. However strongly suggest that you rinse it mildly with luke warm water and soap before switching from one product to another. Mixing products without proper cleansing may lead to harmful chemical reaction.

What is our return policy?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the nature of our product and various other logistical issues, we do not issue returns or exchanges. We will however exchange defective products if not used.

Can I Cancel my Order?

Cancellations are difficult but possible if done before shipping. Money paid at the time of order will be returned as per banking laws and policies in place and will take the stipulated time as per our banks.

What are the various payment options?

Due to the ongoing pandemic and ensuring safety of our delivery partners we are currently only accepting online payments and minimising human touchpoints. Online Payment options include all major debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Paytm and various other wallets as mentioned in the Payment options.

Are these products manufactured in India?

Yes, our products are made in India and we are vocal for local. It is our sincere effort to manufacture, in India and use indigenous raw material.

Can I order in bulk quantities?

Yes, you can. We would love to accommodate larger orders and even offer customisation if you write to us. For trading/reselling activity, write to us and we will get back to you. 

What is Bulk Quantity?

Orders for over 100 pieces are considered as Bulk orders 

Do you offer customisation?

Yes, for orders above 100 pieces, we can have your logo printed on the top of the SPLASHBAND. For other customisation please write to us.

What are shipping/delivery timelines and costs?

All product prices are exclusive of shipping costs. Shipping costs may vary as per the locations and slot preferences.