Whether your reason for creating is for an engagement, a milestone, or simply just because, we will work with you to custom design a piece that truly reflects you and your story.

Crafted with care and attention in Mumbai, each Le Soonar Bespoke piece is ethical, story- driven and celebrates empowerment.


Your journey with Le Soonar begins with us understanding your design specifications and budget during our first meeting virtual or in person.

During our appointment, we discuss the four major characteristics of a diamond and begin the design exploration phase. We empower you with all of the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.


Quality, value and attention to detail are at the top of our list to ensure that you discover a design that’s a reflection of your personality. We will curate a selection of designs for you to review based on your envisioned aesthetic. You will receive a quotation based on the information you provide (design, pictures, shape, measurements etc.) We offer unbeatable price quality ratio due to our ability to procure diamonds directly from the manufacturer and by avoiding a traditional distribution chain.

Auto Cad design/ 3D visualisation Once you are satisfied with the design and, we will create a 3D model of your design, using the CAD software. This 3D model will demonstrate, as closely as possible, the look of your desired jewellery.


Once you approve the auto cad, our jewellers will begin handcrafting your custom piece.

We work hand in hand with our master craftspeople and oversee the entire process, to ensure we source, create and give you the best.

Our diamonds, and other gemstones nestle into pure gold or platinum settings, inlaid with such mathematical precision that at first glance one assumes they were never apart.

The Delivery

The final piece of jewellery- a magnificent and unique piece, handcrafted according to your personal wishes, within your budget and with the highest quality will be delivered to you.