Vidhi Jain and Shivangi Jhalani founded Le Soonar in 2021 with their refreshingly creative,

affordable and deeply personal approach to creating fine jewellery. Each of our bespoke

pieces are especially created keeping in mind the desires of our client’s and their budget.

Our elegant and hand-crafted custom-made jewellery is designed and created by some of

the most talented craftspeople with an eye for detail and perfection.


A piece of jewellery is often considered an heirloom passed on from one generation to the

next. The personal cost of a jewel is priceless, but its monetary value can be calculated.

Keeping this is mind, we provide our clients premium jewellery at the best possible price.

We are able to do this by avoiding overheads and costs that are incurred by having a

traditional distribution chain and other overheads that come with having a brick and mortar

store. Our roots in India have allowed us to procure our stones from diamond-cutting

companies in Surat (India), the world centre of cut diamonds. Here, we select our diamonds

directly at the source so that we not only buy at the best possible price, but can also

guarantee the highest quality of the stone.


Our diamonds are selected from the colour categories D,E,F,G and H and purities from

VVS,VS to SI1. The diamonds range from colourless to slightly coloured thanks to the high

radiance due to very good to excellent cut of the diamonds. We are also able to provide the

most premium quality IF diamonds if you so desire.